PacTool International Roof Snake Review

PacTool International RS501 Roof Snake

pactoolReplace composition shingles easily and accurately! With its unique offset nail-slot feature, the Roof Snake helps you align new nails with the proper one-inch offset from the bottom-edge of your existing course. It also lets you install new shingles without over-bending or striking surrounding shingles (or fingers) with your hammer.pactool roof snake
  • The Roof Snake makes replacing composition shingles safer, easier and more accurate than traditional methods.
  • Patented offset nail-slot feature: Unique design helps you align roofing nails with the proper one in. offset from the bottom edge of the existing course.
  • Damage-free shingles: Replace and install 3-tab shingles without over-bending or striking surrounding shingles (or fingers!) with your hammer.
  • Shingle nail puller claw removes nails easily from roof shingles- drive the claw end under the nail and roll the nail out by twisting the Roof Snake.
  • Roofers, plumbers and siders will want to add this shingle nail puller/roof shingle installer to their siding and roofing installation tool box!


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